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About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to help fellow Christians think biblically about money and finances.  I started it because I actually enjoy writing and also enjoy teaching people about money and stewardship.

I believe money is a tool that can be used for good or evil.  Unfortunately, money can be a huge stumbling block spiritually and can have a major impact on people to the point of making a difference in where they will spend eternity.  Money can also be a great blessing when one’s finances are surrendered to the Lord and we are using our goods for kingdom purposes.  

Stewardship is a very important aspect of being wise with our money.  It is my hope that God will use this blog as a way to help people think biblically and practically about their money so they can use their resources to be more generous towards others and become the stewards God has called them to be.  After all, God has given us great gifts and we should be ready and willing to give back to Him.  It’s all His anyways.

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