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Friday Finance Round Up – September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009


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Guest Post

This week I was able to do a guest post at Suburban Dollar called Navigating Your Finances.  Just like GPS looks at your current location, your destination and your direction, we too need to look at those things from a personal finance stand point. 

Where are we now, where are we going and how do we get there are the big three questions being asked with some practical suggestions on how to answer them. If you haven’t checked it out yet please do.

Friday Finance Round Up

Friday Finance Round Up is a weekly post that includes interesting articles and blog posts on money found during the week from across the web.

In no particular order:

How Healthy Are Your Finances? – CNN Money

This is a very cool financial calculator that walks you through a few questions to give you a grade on your finances.  It’s a great place to start for those who are new to personal finance and also a good place to just “check in” to see how you’re doing.


Obama Health Care Reform and Wait Times Visualization (In Lego!) – Political Math

The guys at Political Math are very creative, insightful and provide good entertainment value.  I posted their video on the National Debt Road Trip a while back also.


Government Redistribution of Wealth: Is It Right? – Christian PF

This post is designed to get you thinking about whether redistribution is right or not.  Bob doesn’t pretend he has all the answers, but tries to look at it and ask how we as Christians should view this.


Use Spending Filters to Save on Just About Everything – Debt Free Adventure

Good post on being vigilant with thinking about your purchases before you go out and spend.  Matt runs through 6 filters he uses to help them save money.


Social Media Update: Quitting Facebook, or Maybe, Quitters Do Win – Owen Strachan

Interesting post looking at the NY Times piece on people quitting Facebook and why it might be a good thing.  Basically what Owen is getting at is can we redeem Social Media and use it for kingdom purposes?  Not a personal finance post, but interesting nonetheless.


This Week’s Links

Blog Carnivals are a way of reaching a larger audience for your blog posts.  You submit your posts to other bloggers who then pick out their favorites and post them in the carnival edition.   One of the requirements of getting picked is a link back to the site that is hosting the carnival.   Here are this week’s linkbacks: 

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  1. September 4, 2009 1:13 pm

    I appreciate this list of great articles Jason, thanks. There are quite a few great reads here.

  2. September 5, 2009 9:07 am

    thanks for the mention! Have a great weekend!!

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